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Is your email inbox out of control?  Is your calendar empty, or just not up to date?  Are you struggling with running your events because you just don’t have time?  Administration in any business – no matter how large or how small - is a critical element, and one you can’t afford to overlook.  Belshaw can help small businesses keep their administrative processes running smoothly.  Belshaw can assist you with many aspects of your administration, including:


  • Email Inbox coordination and management

  • Calendar management 

  • Scheduling appointments and reminders

  • Records management and maintenance

  • Customer relations and support

  • Data creation, entry and management

  • Meeting / forum transcription and coordination

  • Travel coordination and bookings

  • Event planning and support

  • Policy and procedure management

  • Document creation, drafting, editing and formatting

  • Social media support

  • Project research and support

  • Email marketing campaigns

  • Newsletters

  • Surveys

  • Timeline management

  • HR support

  • Filing

  • Website development and maintenance

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